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Certified Professional TeleLeader Training Audio Course
Your trainer is Michael Losier
LISTENING INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the audio download link. You will be taken to a web page where you can listen or download the .mp3 recording.

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Listen to the 5 hours of pre-recorded lessons from expert TeleLeader Trainer Michael Losier. Michael shares all his insider secrets for professionally leading a TeleClass.

Note: there are some references to TeleClass Internationals Catalog of TeleClasses which is no longer operating. Don't worry, Michael gives you many viable tips on how to create and use TeleClasses to enhance any business!

Pre-class Assignment: Complete the Communication Style Questionnaire and bring your scores to the first class.

Audio: Class 1: NLP Communication and Learning Styles.
NLP Communication and Learning Styles
TeleClass Protocol

Audio: Class 2: Fundamentals 1-3
Fundamentals 1-3
Fundamental #1: It's All About 'Them'
Fundamental #2: Techniques for Building Rapport
Fundamental #3: Techniques that Encourage Verbal Participation
NLP Language Strategies

Audio: Class 3: Fundamentals 4-7
Fundamentals 4-7
Fundamental #4: Listen For the Expert
Fundamental #5: Be Who YouAre
Fundamental #6: Build Student Loyalty With Classnotes
Fundamental #7: Introductory/ Feeder Class

Audio: Class 4: Written Participation & Clock Model  
Written Participation Techniques
One-Hour Clock Model
A Blank One-Hour Clock

Audio: Class 5: Marketing Your TeleClasses
Marketing Your TeleClasses
72 Compelling Words

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