Telephones Systems for Businesses

There are several things to consider when you are planning to buy a phone system for your business. Do you need a physical telephone or a virtual phone for your office? Within these categories, you will find many more options in terms of services, the number of connections and pricing plans. First of all you should determine your specific telephone system requirements. How many people will use the system? How many connections per line are needed? You have to research pricing of each system to learn how much you will be paying every month for a particular telephone system. You cannot go only by the lowest pricing plan. Some voice over Internet protocol or voip systems come with lower pricing plans but the audio quality may not be good if the Internet connection is unreliable in your office area.

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Traditional Landline Phone

This service is provided by a local phone company. It has been the longest running system and there have been various technological improvements in this field so you are assured of a robust system that delivers good performance. You can create multiple extensions. Many landline phone companies now offer a hybrid system that offers both traditional phone line and data network connection. The data connection can be used for VoIP calls. While landline is a reliable and time tested call solution, most companies now prefer mobile systems that offer more flexibility. The voice quality of mobile systems is now on par with the landline phone system.

Virtual Phone System

It simply connects a phone number to a home phone or mobile phone. It works as a call forwarding solution. When someone calls the main business number, the call is forwarded to the designated phone. It is a good solution for employees who work away from the company's office.

VoIP System

It has emerged as a good communication solution for businesses that want to reduce their phone expenses. The system relies on the Internet connection to send and receive calls. The user pays only the data charge. A big advantage with a VoIP phone system is that a wide range of features that were previously available only to large corporations are now accessible to all users. For example, PBX system, automated attendant, computer integration, voice mails and call queues are available. This phone system is perfect for places where reliable, uninterrupted and high quality Internet connection is available.

Onsite VoIP System

In this type of system, all hardware items of the devices are stored at the business premises. There is a significant upfront cost involved in the system. The user has to pay monthly fees for PRI circuit and SIP trunking. The business owner is responsible for all repairs, upgrades and maintenance of the system.

Now enterprise level phone quality and features are available even to small companies. You can take advantage of audio and video conferencing solutions that were previously available only to large companies. With decreasing costs of data plans, it has become easier to use Internet for web conferencing facilities. A conferencing solution makes it easier to organise live meetings even when all participants are at different locations. Due to Internet based system, the conferencing setup can be used to share documents, presentations, graphics, photos and other digital contents. A document being edited on a computer can be viewed by other participants live. Now all these features are possible due to Internet based communications solutions. Select a communication system based on your needs and budget.